Privacy Policy

Updated – 28th November, 2022

1. For the purpose of compliance with the relevant data protection legislation, the party controlling your personal data is Zentopayments A/S (hereinafter – “zentopayments”, “us” or “we“). This policy (together with our Customer Agreement and any other documents referred to in it) sets out the basis on which any personal data we collect from you, or that you provide to us, will be processed by us. Please, read the following carefully to understand the types of information we collect from you, how we use that information and the circumstances under which we will share it with third parties. By visiting our website (“Website”) at or using the zentopayments mobile application (“App“) you are accepting and consenting to the practices described in this policy. Unless context otherwise requires, a reference to the Website shall be deemed to also refer to the App.

2. In order to show respect to your individual rights to privacy, zentopayments processes the collected personal data in accordance with the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of Denmark, the General Data Protection Regulation and other legal acts such as the Directive No. 95/46/EC of the European Parliament. The employees, agents, providers, and other parties who have access to your personal data are committed to ensuring its safety even upon termination of the contractual relationship.

3. It is possible that Zentopayments may engage data processors and third-parties, who will perform certain functions on behalf of Zentopayments. Zentopayments bears the responsibility to ensure that the latter treat sensitive data in compliance with the active legislation and given instructions. Zentopayments can also request certain security measures, and monitor their implementation. Under those circumstances, Zentopayments guarantees the imposition of the non-disclosure obligation, which will prevent parties from using information beyond the scale necessary to perform the given functions.

4. This Privacy Policy introduces the basic principles that Zentopayments follows when collecting, storing, and processing your personal data and other information related to you. It also outlays the aim of processing personal data, as well as the sources, recipients, and other important aspects of data processing in using the services of Zentopayments as an agent supported by a payment services provider that hold and secure this personal data.

5. Providing personal data is necessary in order to continue using the services provided by Zentopayments and the provider. For instance, it is a required step in the account opening procedure. Personal data you provide is processed within the system in order to complete the established identification procedures – this data is unique sent to the payment service provider and the team for verification.

6. By further proceeding with your activity on the website, you acknowledge and confirm that you have familiarised yourself with the Privacy Policy, understood it, and agreed with its provisions. Zentopayments bears the right to update and revise the provisions, which implies that it is solely your responsibility to keep yourself familiarised with the latest version of this Privacy Policy.

Purposes, Recipients, and Information we may collect about you

7. The core reason for data collection is provision of Zentopayments services to individuals who transact within the system. As a payment service provider, Zentopayments is required by law to establish and verify your identity before it begins to co-operate with you and provide any sort of financial services. Zentopayments has the right to store any initially and further requested information throughout the retention period estimated by the relevant legislation. Therefore, the Client is obliged to provide valid and complete information.

8. PURPOSE: identification of Client’s identity, provision of payment services (account opening, transfers of funds, payment collection and other), implementation of other legal obligations of the payment service provider.

8.1. Personal data collected for the purposes listed above is processed within the following legal framework:

8.1.1. establishing and verifying the identity of the Client;

8.1.2. concluding agreements with the Client in order to proceed with fulfilling his requests;

8.1.3. executing financial transfers in compliance with legislation;

8.1.4. following the “Know Your Client” provisions;

8.1.5. conducting systematic monitoring;

8.1.6. carrying out risk assessment;

8.1.7. ensuring the accuracy of data provided by the Client;

8.1.8. preventing possible money laundering, terrorist financing, and fraud; timely detecting, profoundly investigating and informing of such activity, acting in accordance with financial sanctions imposed on the Client;

8.1.9. effective performing of risk and organisation management.

8.2. The processing of the following data is a priority in accordance with above listed provisions: name, surname, personal identification number, address, date of birth, identity document information, photo, direct video transmission recording, citizenship, email address, phone number, payment account number, IP address, current activity, current public function, and any other data required by the Law on Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing. These checks are performed by the payment service provider or partners of Zentopayments.

8.3. The relevant information is collected and processed on the grounds of a legal obligation imposed on Zentopayments toward the payment service provider as the payment service provider need to apply by the Law on Payments inside EU, the Law on Electronic Money and Electronic Money Institutions of EU and the Law on Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing of EU. Therefore, in order to open an account and/or use the payment services of Zentopayments, the Client is obliged to provide a full set of requested documents.

8.4. Parties that might be among the recipients of Client-related data:

8.4.1. supervisory authorities;

8.4.2. credit, financial, payment and/or electronic money institutions (subject to the Customer’s consent and in the scope of the Personal data solely specified by the Customer);

8.4.3. pre-trial investigation institutions;

8.4.4. the State Tax Inspectorate;

8.4.5. payment service agents or other representatives of Zentopayments (if their services are essential for carrying-out an operation);

8.4.6. beneficiaries of transaction funds receiving the information in payment statements together with the funds of the transaction;

8.4.7. debt collection and recovery agencies;

8.4.8. companies processing consolidated debtor files;

8.4.9. lawyers and law firms;

8.4.10. auditors;

8.4.11. credit / debit card processing service providers;

8.4.12. identity verification service providers;

8.4.13. sanction / PEP screening providers;

8.4.14. vendors of software development and support services;

8.4.15. transaction monitoring service providers;

8.4.16. risk management tools providers;

8.4.17. website domain hosting providers;

8.4.18. cloud service providers;

8.4.19. other Zentopayments suppliers with the purpose of proper fulfilment of Zentopayments services.

8.5. Clients’ Personal data may be transmitted to third parties not specified above for specified and legitimate purposes only, and only to third parties who have the right established by laws and other legal acts to receive personal data in the countries of the European Union and the European Economic Area. When the processing of Customer information described above may involve sending it to countries outside of the EEA, Zentopayments will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the Clients’ data is treated securely and in accordance with this Policy.

9. PURPOSE: Debt management.

9.1. Under this provision, Client-related information is processed in order to manage issues related to debt collection, submission of claims, demands, lawsuits and other documents.

9.2. Processing of the following data can be involved: name, surname, personal identification number, address, date of birth, data from an identity document, email address, phone number, payment account number, IP address, payment account statements.

9.3. Groups of data recipients: companies processing consolidated debtor files, credit, financial, payment and/or electronic money institutions, lawyers, courts, pre-trial investigation institutions, the State Tax Inspectorate, debt collection and recovery agencies, other entities having a legitimate interest.

9.4. Third countries may also obtain access to the data, yet only in the case it/its national is directly involved in your payment transfer execution.

10. PURPOSE: Supporting and managing relations with Clients, preventing disputes and collecting evidence (recording phone conversations), correspondence of business relations with the client.

10.1. Processing of Client’s data can be involved for reasons of:

10.1.1. protecting the interests of the Client and/or Zentopayments or their suppliers;

10.1.2. preventing disputes, providing evidence of business communication with the client (recordings of conversations, correspondence);

10.1.3. ensuring the highest level of services be provided by Zentopayments;

10.1.4. executing Client’s requests, following the obligations levied by law or other legal documents.

10.2. The following Client-related information may be processed: name, surname, address, date of birth, email address, phone number, IP address, payment account statements, phone conversation recordings, correspondence with the client.

10.3. Data recipients: supervisory authorities, companies processing consolidated debtor files, lawyers, bailiffs, courts, pre-trial investigation institutions, debt collection and recovery agencies, other entities having a legitimate interest, other entities under an agreement with Zentopayments, strictly upon reception of a separate consent from you.

11. PURPOSE: Informing the Client about services. In this case, Client’s data is processed in order to inform the Client about the services provided by Zentopayments, their prices, specific services, for sending system and other messages related to the services’ provision by Zentopayments.

11.1. This provision implies processing of the following Client’s data: email address, phone number.

11.2. The Client hereby acknowledges and agrees that he/she/they is aware that such messages shall be perceived as necessary under the General Payment Service Agreement and/or its supplements concluded with the Client, which differentiates them from direct marketing messages.

11.3. Data recipients: no third-party shall receive access to data described in this provision.

12. PURPOSE: Direct marketing. In this case, a Client’s data is processed in order to inform the Client concerning the offers related to services provided by Zentopayments.

12.1. This provision implies processing of the following Client’s data: email address, phone number.

12.2. With this provision the Client acknowledges and confirms that he/she is aware of the fact that the data listed above may be processed for the purpose of direct marketing. The Client maintains the right to disagree and to object this clause at any time by informing Zentopayments via email to The email must provide valid information necessary to identify the data subject.

12.3. Data recipients: The procedure of data processing may involve search or social networking systems (objections to data processing may be filed within the framework that the websites of these systems provide). No other persons shall receive access to data described in this provision.

13. Personal data collected for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy will only be processed for legitimate purposes in ways complying with legal requirements.

14. No third-party shall be granted access to the Client-related data marked as “personal” without a Client’s prior consent. Situations when it is required to do so by applicable law or for the purpose of services provision shall be viewed as exception.


15. Zentopayments may use automated means of personal data processing, following the provisions of risk management-related legislation, and systematic monitoring of transactions with the goal of fraud prevention; such profiling is justified by legitimate interests and the legal duties of Zentopayments.

16. Following the aims of direct marketing and statistical analysis, Zentopayments may perform profiling through the use of Google, Facebook and other analytics tools.

Cookie policy

17. Cookies are used in order to distinguish you from other users of Zentopayments’ Website. This helps to ensure your pleasant experience when navigating Zentopayments’ Website and also allows improving its organisation. In technical terms, cookies are small files containing a string of characters that are sent to a person’s computer upon visiting the website. Cookies allow the Website to recognise a person’s browser upon the next visit to the Website, and may detect user preferences and other information.

18. Like most website managers, Zentopayments monitors traffic of the website and automatically collects information on the number of visitors browsing the website, the domain name of Internet service providers of visitors, etc. Such cookies are required for technical reasons in order to ensure the sound and efficient Website operation (administer the Website, maintain security, measure or understand the effectiveness of advertising etc.), as well as track and target the interests of users and Clients in order to improve their experience.

19. The person visiting the Zentopayments Website automatically agrees to the cookie policy unless indicates otherwise through altering the settings.

20. In case of altering the settings, the functionality of the Website may change.

Restriction of data processing

21. You have the following rights

21.1. THE RIGHT OF ACCESS TO DATA: to be informed as to whether or not Zentopayments is processing your personal data, and access to the related information.

21.2. THE RIGHT TO RESTRICTION OF PROCESSING: you have the right to ask us not to process your personal data for marketing purposes by contacting us at

21.3. If, for whatever reasons, you believe that the processing of your personal data is taking place under condition that violate your rights and legitimate interests protected by applicable legislation, you may address the supervisory authority.

22. You are free to contact Zentopayments to voice an objection to data processing via email at The individual communicating must provide information that will enable the identification of his/her/their identity, along with a copy of a personal identification document or an electronic signature.

Unrelated websites

23. Zentopayments bears no responsibility for ensuring protection of Client’s sensitive data on unrelated third-party websites, even in the case that these websites were accessed through a link provided on the Zentopayments Website. Activity on such websites is regulated by their individual Privacy Policy.

Information security

24. It is a priority of Zentopayments to provide the highest-level of security to our Clients concerning all the information and sensitive data we receive or have access to. Relevant legal, administrative, technical and physical security measures are undertaken in order to protect this information from unauthorised access, use, copying, accidental or unlawful erasure, alternation, or disclosure, as well as from any other unauthorised form of processing.

Law and jurisdiction

25. These Privacy policy provisions are subject to the laws of Denmark. All disputes regarding the provisions of the Privacy Policy shall be settled by negotiation and, in case of failure, the dispute shall be taken to the courts of Denmark.

26. For the purpose of the relevant data protection legislation, the data controller is Zentopayments A/S , Hammerensgade 1, 2., 1267 København K, Denmark